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Getting to Know GFG Holdings

GFG Holdings is a diversified and integrated conglomerate of companies with vibrant operations in the United States and internationally across a wide range of sectors, including financial services and real estate.

Our core business focus is to create real and tangible value for every client and investor across our extraordinary group of companies.

Mauricio Gruener & Eduardo Gruener

Co-Founders and Co-CEOs

Monthly Letter

A Message From Our Co-CEOs

Welcome to GFG Holdings! As Co-CEOs, one of our most cherished responsibilities is creating an environment that fosters a family-centered atmosphere alongside driven professionals who are doing their very best work.
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Get to know GFG Holdings’ evolution over almost two decades.


Meet our People and Leadership

Our strength as a company comes from our leadership – a seasoned and tenured team. Our leadership is our greatest asset. It is only with our leaders’ determination and dedication that we can serve and contribute to long-term sustainable value.
Eduardo Gruener | Co-Founder, CEO
Mauricio Gruener | Co-Founder, CEO

Our Purpose and Values That Lead Us

For 19 years, we have remained true to our vision of creating an environment that fosters a family-oriented atmosphere, reflected in our mission of putting our clients’ interests first to advance sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity.


Integrity and loyalty spearhead everything we do with sound judgment and common sense in our actions. By being ethically unyielding, we are decisive and, above all, accountable.


Passion implies we sustain a flair for entrepreneurship and a desire to do bigger and better, a quality consistently seen in all of our professionals.


We believe in the journey of education to foster innovation. Empowering bold thinking and creating opportunities.


Our success comes from our people's contribution as a team where everyone is willing to achieve the extraordinary — it is a hallmark of our culture.

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